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Updated October 2021

I’m interested in buying a book that is not currently listed in your online store. Can you still get it for me? Probably! We’ll be starting to sell from my curated selection of “In the Van” titles beginning November 2021. If you’re looking to receive it on a faster timeline, we recommend purchasing via our portal—they’re more likely to have it in stock and be able to send it right away. If your need is not urgent or you’re interested in preordering a book, please email us at with the details of the book you’re looking for and we can get you more information.

I’ve been hearing about supply chain issues and paper shortages for fall 2021. Is that going to make it more difficult to get books? Honestly, yes! Even with books that might be currently in stock, shipping times are going to be longer. It is also likely going to take longer to receive any books that are not currently in stock and need to be ordered from publishers. But your order supports a small business and the independent bookselling industry, so we hope you’ll still consider buying from your local indie bookstore this fall and into the winter and spring. We also highly recommend thinking about backlist titles (books published in or before 2020) as those will likely be easier to get our hands on.

Can I book All’s Wheel That Ends Wheel Books to come to my birthday, work party, or other special event? Not yet, but soon! We’ll be opening our bookings in Spring 2022. Think Scholastic Book Fair but for adults and that’s the vibe we’re going to be aiming for! If you have an event in mind beyond that season, you can fill out our interest form here and we’ll be in touch. You can also sign up for our newsletter to be informed once we open our bookings.

I’m interested in donating my used books to All’s Wheel. Do you buy books or accept donations? All’s Wheel is not currently accepting used books, but if you’d like to be notified when we do start accepting them, you can sign up for our newsletter.

Other questions? Please feel free to reach out directly by emailing or by using our contact form.

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