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All’s Wheel That Ends Wheel Books is a general interest, queer-owned, independent bookstore operating out of a 1967 Ford Boyertown step van that began its life delivering bread. All’s Wheel offers new, used, audio, and ebooks, as well as offering virtual events, pop-up shops, private events, book fairs, and more.

Mission: All’s Wheel Books recognizes that reading is inherently a political act, and curates offerings and an environment that fosters activism, inclusivity, representation, and connection. All’s Wheel believes that collective action and a robust, loving, and caring community are the way of the future, so a percentage of profits are donated to local mutual aid projects. Public libraries are essential and integral, but the impact of owning a book that is yours is immeasurable, so a percentage of profits are also used to donate books to local schools and families.

All’s Wheel Books operates on the stolen land of the Coast Salish and Puyallup people.

About the Owner

A picture of a white woman with light brown hair and a nose ring wearing a hoodie, with the outcropping of a cave overhang visible above her head.
Jordan in a cave on the island of Corsica

Hi! I’m Jordan Lusink, and my pronouns are she/her/hers. I’m a champion project manager and communicator, with over a decade of work in the nonprofit sector, specifically in arts administration. This means I’m well-versed in doing all the things, which is serving me well so far as a new small business owner and mobile bookseller. I recently made a career transition to working at a creative agency, and I’m grateful for the space to finally jumpstart my dream of a mobile bookstore, a thing I’ve been ideating in a google doc for over five years now.

A photo of a white woman with light brown curled hair and a nose ring, grinning to the camera. She is wearing a sequined dress and a black cardigan.

When I’m not working, I enjoy reading (obviously), traveling (in the Before Times), experiencing live events (also in the Before Times), consuming media of all kinds, and spending time with family and friends. My favorite color is yellow and my favorite animals are elephants, and I have often been told that my laugh is too boisterous.

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